Privacy Policy of pledges to keep your personal information private and uphold the details and policies mentioned here. If you have any queries regarding the privacy policies you can address them via email at

What kind of information is collected by automatically collects certain pieces of information from the users who access its website, through cookies. collects user information such as IP address, search queries, access times, and traffic patterns. Cookies on their own cannot identify the identity of the users. Users can disable cookies from the browser through its preferences settings. Accessing the information retrieved through cookies helps us to understand the performance of our systems and allows us to improve our services. With help of your IP address, along with some other information, can determine how to improve our service and serve you better.

Information collected by automatically collects the following information when you access our website and its services:

1. Technical Information: Technical details about your system and how you use our software and services along with other third-party software and applications on your device is collected. Information including but not limited to Name of Application, type, version of OS, user interaction with software and services, Internet service provider (ISP), device configuration, anonymous user identifiers, advertising identifiers, location along with the Internet Protocol (IP) address is used by

2. Usage Information: collects certain information pertaining to the user interaction and the performance of our service. This information relates to the software and services along with other software, such as how users access them when they access them, how users use their internet browser, and online search-related apps, the webpages visited by you and the content you see, access, and your response to it. also stores information regarding the frequency at which you access webpages, your online search queries along the location, date, and time.

3. Social Networks: collects information regarding the social networks you interact with through our software and services.

4. Registration Information: stores the information provided by you during the registration process for access our software and services, including Name, contact number, fax, Date of birth, Gender, Email ID, and home or work address; and

5. Support Information: collects and stores information such as name, contact number, email address, and any other information voluntarily provided by you while contacting us through our support section. Support queries and service requests along with other information provided by you are not associated with other information that is collected while accessing our website, software, and services, such as User ID (defined below). automatically generates an internal user ID that is anonymous and does not disclose the user’s identity. The information collected when you access our software and services are associated with this user ID to maintain anonymity and to keep it separate from the social information.

Though we do not intend to obtain personally identifiable information (“PII”) (with the exception of registration and user service reasons as stated in this Privacy Policy), the gathered information can include PII. enforces certain rules as part of our privacy policies to prevent the accidental accumulation of PII such as email addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, login credentials, and so on. These regulations are centered on defined field forms, criteria, values, and protocols, however, there may be some exceptions, and as a consequence, our software and services may occasionally gather unnecessary details. We review and amend these policies on a frequent basis.

How use the collected information? only gathers data in order to improve and personalize our website and suit your expectations. The data we gather enables us to optimize web pages and deliver tailored ads depending on your individual interests. Cookies allow us to differentiate amongst specific users, customize homepages, and monitor the volume of advertisements, among other things. The IP addresses assist us in diagnosing server-related problems and administering won't be able to maintain the 24/7 availability of our software and services, without the help of your IP address, which would hamper our goal of serving you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any email sent out to customers is intended to fulfill your expectations.

In these emails, we notify our users about any upgrades to our website, changes in the privacy policy, the addition of new features, and reminders about special deals and promotional offers, and contests.

In any case, you feel that you do not wish to receive such emails anymore, you may choose to opt-out of it very easily, and we shall not bother you again.

Who do we share your information with?

The user information we gather may be shared with third parties in any of the following cases:

  • If is under a legal obligation to divulge your information to the concerned regulatory body or government authority, or any entity of equivalent position. (For instance: to identify, avoid, or otherwise rectify infringement, safety, or operational issues; to reply back to allegations or address some judicial procedure, subpoena, or legislative request; or to defend customers', stakeholders', or the general public's rights, assets, or wellbeing);
  • Your personal data would be one of the resources relocated in case undergoes a corporate transaction including acquisition or takeover of another entity, restructuring, transfer of ownership, reconfiguration, or selling of any or a part of its assets.
  • may disclose your data with third parties (including, but not limited to, search engines, content creators, and advertisement platforms and channels) which provide different services in regards to our software and other services (including advertisements, promotion, evaluation, content, and search). We take reasonable precautions to ensure that disclosing this information does not reveal the identity of the user and we expect all third parties to a) Preserve this data, b) not use this data for any intention other than providing us with discussed facilities, and (iii) uphold the integrity of the data in accordance with this Privacy Policy; and
  • may share your personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information with our partners and other associated firms, however, the shared information shall be used as per the privacy policy mentioned here.

Third-Party Content

Some specific software and services can involve or allow you to upload content to it. The content may take the form of applications, icons, devices, links to third-party advertising, webpages, services, and products (which include search engines), and other forms made available to you by third parties (together known as, "Third Party Content and Services"). Use of such Third Party Content and Services is governed by their respective privacy policy. Furthermore, supports those service providers with a wide variety of tools that allow them to build fascinating and one-of-a-kind applications, controls, and accessories using the system. Certain tools of such nature could enable third parties to view, compile, archive, and/or exchange your information–both PII and non-PII. Kindly note, does not check, authorize, track, support, mandate, or make any assumptions about such Third-Party

Software and Services, and the use of such Third-Party Content and Services is entirely at your own risk. is not accountable for the information stored in and/or made accessible by such Third-Party software and services, the policies of this Third-Party Software and Services, or your use or inability to use this Third-Party Software and Services. You formally waive any and all liabilities resulting from the use of Third-Party Software and Services. Prior to accessing or downloading any Third-Party Software or Services, we advise that you carefully go through their provisions, constraints, and privacy policy.

Trovi Search along with its partners offers this initialization internet search services most of the internet search services offered therein, which are powered by Trovi search partners. For more details about how online search platforms gather data, please see and, if relevant, the search provider's privacy policy.

Social Network Data collected by

You can however unlock extra functions that allow you to download and also use your preferred social networking sites effectively from the software and services. You would be required to give approval to accumulate such details from these social networking sites for these initializations. These details, which may involve peers or phone numbers, comments, alerts, and photographs, could be utilized by to configure the Content accessible to you via the software and services, recommend new functionality and Content that could be important to you, or offer with information for analytical purposes.

Whenever you want to toggle these functions, the knowledge you want to view is shown to you. If you have any problems and concerns, please refer to the policy of your social network platform. You have the option to deny personal information on social network account(s) at any period by updating your social network preferences by not allowing access to them.

Cookie Functionality can store or authorize third parties to obtain data concerning users via source code known as "pixels'' or "web beacons'' and transmit it to our databases and collaborators. along with our collaborators bundle all or a portion of this data into tiny text files known as Cookies and deliver them to your system. Cookies, for instance, may hold search results generated via the software and Services of, web content you visited, your engagement with promotions provided to you via the software and services, functionality you accessed, your connection length, and your software and services settings and interests.

In order to recognize you during your future access to the software and services provided by or its partners, we use cookies and other such information to help us distinguish you.

The cookies along with other tracking measures are used by and its partners for the purpose of:

  • Ensuring and improving your interaction and experience with our software and services
  • Understanding how you utilize and interact with our software and services, for example, the services you like the most and the type of deals you look for
  • Delivering tailored content which includes information relevant to you, targeted advertisements, while access our software and services along with other third-party services
  • Understanding and analyzing the collective data gathered from users to assess the performance of system performance
  • Monitor and analyze different success and empirical metrics of promotional campaigns, such as evaluating the advertisements your device has shown successfully, which web websites you might have been browsing at the time the ads were displayed or downloaded, along with your experience with the advertisement

Many browsers are automatically designed to allow Cookies, however, you may customize the browser preferences to reject all Cookies or to alert you when one is downloaded. That being said, if you uninstall Cookies, certain features of our Software & Services might not work properly. You expressly agree to the processing of data and cookies as mentioned above when using the Applications & Services of

Data Collection in care of children under the age of 13 software and services are not designed for consumers below the age of 13, and you, therefore, accept that you are at least 13 or older. We would not willfully gather, use, exchange, or reveal personally identifiable information from people under the age of 13. We hold the right to pursue valid identification at any time in order to ensure that children under the age of 13 are not accessing our software and services. hereby requests all parents and guardians to monitor their child’s internet habits regularly, along with the websites they interact with. There are various tools and measures that ensure a safer and secure environment online for children, which are provided by third parties.
In any instance, realizes that its software and services are being accessed by children under 13, will restrict and block the individual from accessing its software and services and shall try to delete all personal information collected from such users, as applicable:

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How can I remove my personal information from the database?

Currently, you cannot completely erase the user credentials from the website. If you are uncertain about the protection of your private information, you can delete the cookie that has been saved on your device that would cause the system to recognize you as a new user. In the future, you may configure your browser to reject cookies. Please keep in mind that deleting cookies would prohibit you from engaging in some operations.

Will notify me in the event of a security breach? has implemented multiple precautions to make sure that your private information is not disclosed publicly and is only open to the individual who accessed it. In the rare case of a data violation, the recipient will be contacted promptly.

Do sites that are affiliated to or partners with adhere to this Privacy Policy? does not own or manage the affiliated pages. The website contains several links to other websites so that we can provide you with additional resources and items that we believe you will appreciate. Each related site is operated by a different corporation, and as a result, they use their own privacy policies. is not accountable for the privacy procedures, guidelines, or functionality of related pages. Please keep in mind that any sensitive details you provide to an outside advertising company are at your own peril.

Would this policy always be valid? cannot promise that this strategy will be followed at all times. If our assets are purchased or our properties are obtained by another corporation, personal information will be passed to the new owner.

We will tell you about any changes in the Privacy Policy is continually upgrading and expanding our platform in order to provide you with improved resources and functionality. As a consequence, our policies must be updated on a regular basis. When changes need to be made, a new updated policy will be added on this page, including the timeline of the most recent amendment. It is essential to us that you are still up to speed on practices, so please visit this section often for updates on our privacy policy.

Get in touch with us

In case you wish to contact us regarding any privacy issues, queries, concerns, or any other issue that you may be facing, you may address them to our representatives through email at